Which Clothing
Bring Out Your Best?

Have you noticed that you feel best when wearing certain colors and shades? Have you borrowed something that's dazzling on a friend, but looks drab when you're wearing it? It's not you -- it's the colors!

Every one of us has unique personal coloring. Our skin tone, hair color, eye color, and body structure combine to make us one-of-a-kind. The right color choices enhance and celebrate our appearance, while colors that are just subtly different may detract from us.

As a longtime personal color consultant, Suzanne Whicker will help you better understand your personal coloring and select the colors and shades that make you look your best. She offers three workshops:

Color Analysis

Suzanne uses a proven technique called color draping to identify the subtleties in your personal coloring.

Figure Analysis

It's all about identifying your personal silhouette and the clothing and styles that are most flattering for you.

Wardrobe Consultation

Suzanne will review your wardrobe, explain the best combinations for your personal coloring and silhouette, and identify the right additions to maximize your wardrobe economically.

“Now I understand why I'm drawn to certain colors in my wardrobe....it not only makes me feel better, but it makes me look better too!”

Mary Kay Hood
Director, Guest & Volunteer Services
Hendricks Regional Health