Skin care
With the Power to
transform lives

For more than half a century, JAFRA Cosmetics has been transforming women’s lives with a full line of high-quality skin care products.

By combining cutting-edge science with ecologically friendly formulations, JAFRA has developed more than 700 luxurious, aromatic skin and body care products.

Jafra skin care products combine the long-treasured secret of royal jelly, a product produced by young bees that has been used since the days of the Pharaohs to keep skin young, with the latest European research into the body's own chemistry. By bringing ancient secrets and modern science together, they create lasting beauty.

As a longtime JAFRA beauty consultant, Suzanne Whicker can introduce you to the products that are ideal for your skin. Or, if you’ve already discovered the wonders of JAFRA products, she can order what you need.

To place an order or learn more about what’s available, visit Suzanne’s JAFRA site!

"My skin has always required a lot of moisture. I've used quality products and seen medical professionals for help with my skin. Suzanne helped me find the right Jafra products. I am 72 years old and I believe Jafra has developed the perfect answer to very dry and sensitive skin. I use the Royal Jelly line with a few others to complete my skin care needs."  

Jackie Reynolds, Retired Cosmetologist