Real Colors
for Organizational

You know you have the right group of people, and that you’ve given them what they need. So why isn’t your company or non-profit organization a well-functioning machine?

Are interpersonal issues interfering with your productivity or mission? Or are you just looking for a proven way to turn good people into a great team? A Real Colors Workshop will help you and your team become even better.

In these half-day and full-day workshops based upon time-proven concepts about personality types and interaction, your team members will learn about the colors of their personalities and those around them.

They’ll understand the root causes of conflicts and learn easy strategies for avoiding conflict through color-focused communication. Workshops are available for students, too.

Unlike complicated or trendy assessments, Real Colors is built upon simple, easy-to-understand ideas. This is one workshop your team will continue to talk about—and benefit from—for years to come!

Colors with Suzanne is a must experience for any organization. As someone who has experienced this comprehensive workshop on multiple occasions, it has always taught me something about myself, my colleagues and my organization. There are a lot of training workshops out there. This is one you need to put on your calendar.

Wes Bennett
Commissioner, Indiana Department of Local Government Finance